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Way back in the early days of blogging, I used to just randomly post funny things the kids would say. I’m not sure why that fell out of favor. Did mommy blogging get too serious? Did my kids stop being funny? I think the answers are yes, no, and Facebook. Sadly, goofy kid stories don’t rank high in SEO or get lots of repins on Pinterest. My kids are still hilarious in my mind, although if Elena says anything funny we’re not aloud to laugh too much and I’m definitely not allowed to write about it. And in the strange way that blogging continues to evolve, I find that I’m more likely to share these kind of snippets on Twitter or Facebook, as opposed to including them in a blog post. The kids these days call it microblogging, and apparently it’s passé to share these kinds of things on anything so wordy as an actual blog.

Well, it might be lame and it might only be amusing to me, but that’s probably been the case with 92.4% of the things I’ve written on this blog from day one. Hasn’t stopped me from oversharing in the last 9 years now, has it? In the spirit of nostalgia and writer’s block, here are a few things that have made me chuckle lately.



One evening at dinner, we got to talking about middle-school kids and experimenting with illicit behaviors. (I promise our dinner conversations aren’t always so worthy of After-School Special topics.) Does anyone drink? Smoke cigarettes? Smoke pot? This got Eli’s attention.

“Smoke pot?” He said, his face all screwed up in confusion.  “Like smoking chicken pot pie?”



He’s already very concerned about “cigaretting.” Smoking is much more prevalent in Spain, and you could tell it bothered him. It’s a very bad thing, right? We stayed at a guest house in Barcelona where we were mostly on our own, but there was something akin to an “inn keeper” who would be there in the mornings and evenings to keep an eye on the place and be available if you needed anything. She was a pretty, young girl who spoke excellent English. One morning Eli was out on the patio with her, talking her ear off. She lit up a cigarette and he got all serious. He sat down at the table, crossed his arms, and leaned in close: “You know that’s going to kill you.” Oh, those precious American kids!



Another day, Elena was goofing around with Gus, and Eli wanted Gus to himself. (Funny, they don’t fight over him when it’s time to walk him. Or clean up his poop.)

“Stop pet-tronizing him!” he yelled at her. “Wait. What does that even mean?” I don’t know buddy, you tell us.


Eli, eating ribs: "I feel like a wolf or a black bear, eating my prey." Gus: "Dropitdropitdropit."

We’re terrible about getting Eli’s hair cut until it’s well past time. It had gotten more than a little shaggy, so at dinner the other night, Mike commented that with the way it was kind of swooped forward, it reminded him of a certain celebrity.

“You have the beginning of Bieber hair, buddy.” Elena piped in, “Like, 2009 Bieber hair.”

Eli tilted his head, apparently shuffling through his mental catalog of Bieber images. “You mean the Bieber before he peed in the trashcan?” Yes, that’s the one we’re going for.

It’s your turn to amuse me. What’s the goofiest thing your kids have said or done lately?


What We’re Watching in January {Netflix StreamTeam}

Disclosure: This post is part of a yearly series in partnership with Netflix. As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I’ll be sharing ideas throughout the year on some of the best Netflix titles to stream with your family. The content, as always, is whatever streams through my own mind! Hope you enjoy!

It's hard to work when you have the strange feeling you're being watched. #gusgus #creeperdog

Whatcha watching right now?

Between the craziness of last week and the incessant grey skies and chilly temps, about the only thing I feel like doing in the afternoons and evenings is getting lost in a book or hunkering down with the family and getting lost in a good show or a movie.

Netflix StreamTeamBadge

And while I promise my list of the best books I read last year, along with a fun reading challenge I’m taking on this year, are coming, I thought I’d head into the weekend by sharing some of our favorite things we’re watching these days. I’ve partnered with Netflix for a year as a member of their #StreamTeam. It’s been such a treat for us to have access to the vast Netflix library, especially this winter. Here’s what we’ve been watching and loving lately:

Creeper Dog, a.k.a. Gus, has had an impact on what we watch. While we’ve always loved animal programs, we have a deeper appreciation for them (and much softer hearts!) now that we’re pet owners ourselves. While it’s entertaining, we always seem to glean some helpful information from pet whisperer Cesar Millan.  “Cesar 911” and “Leader of the Pack” are both available on Netflix, and give us great insight into the minds of dogs. Maybe one day we’ll get the answer to why Gus can sniff out a Smartwool sock from the deepest corners of our laundry baskets and destroy it within seconds.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis” was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I’m still a sucker for talking animals, and the kids seem to love it just as much as I did.

Puss in Boots Netflix

Speaking of talking animals, my second favorite talking animal from “Shrek” has his own show exclusively on Netflix now. “The Adventures of Puss in Boots” premiered this month and Eli gives it a big thumbs up! (Sorry, Puss, Donkey will always be my favorite.)

Tower of London

I love that the kids are getting to the age where they not only appreciate, but enjoy a good documentary. There are two in particular that we think are pretty cool, and they both happen to be produced by PBS. One is “Secrets of the Tower of London.” The Tower was one of the highlights of our trip to London last summer. Whether you’ve been or not, it’s fascinating!

221B Baker Street London

The other is more up Elena’s alley. She loves to watch the BBC’s “Sherlock” series (yes, she’s a SuperWhoLock CumberKid). The PBS documentary “How Sherlock Changed the World” is a cool look at how a fictional character managed to have very real impact on modern-day forensics and criminal investigations.

What are some of your favorite movies and shows you’re watching lately? We’d love to add them to our list!




If that title doesn’t have you thoroughly confused, then I haven’t done my job well. What it translates to is the fact that I forgot to post InstaOctober last month, but I’m too OCD to actually skip a month. As if hordes of you will show up at my front door and say, “HEY, lady. What gives with the missing Instagram highlight reel?” But just in case any one of you are en route, here it is. And I certainly couldn’t handle missing November, or moving every post back two months, because that just doesn’t make any sense. (But this line of thinking clearly does.) I should probably stop talking.


1. We took a little road trip up to Chicago in November for the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. When I realized Eataly was just a few blocks from our hotel, I knew a visit was in order. If it wasn’t totally disgusting and against every health code, I’d want my ashes scattered here. I’ve never had any inclination to climb cheese, until I saw this intriguing sign in the cheese department.

2. Obligatory Bean photo every tourist takes in Chicago.

3. As part of the Toy & Game Fair, Mayfair Games held a very serious, very competitive Settlers of Catan tournament. The winner earned him or herself a trip to Gen Con to compete in the Catan World Championship. I promise I’m not making that up. Mike is the King of Catan in this house, as evidenced by his very official Catan crown the kids made him last year. He wore it to the tournament, right up until he lost in the semifinal round.

4. You know how you have the strictest rules and best advice about parenting … until you actually become a parent? The same holds true about being a pet owner. I swore up and down I would never let a dog sleep in bed with me. And then Gus gave me that look, and I said, “Okay. Just this once.” And then I realized happiness really is a warm puppy. The couch is still off limits. I swear (for now).

5. Elena and I have dreams of one day entering a gingerbread creation into Conner Prairie’s annual Gingerbread Village. We inched one step closer by taking a Gingerbread 101 class together at Conner Prairie. This is one of those traditions that I realize now I started waaaaaaay too early with my kids. Twelve is good. Twelve and in someone else’s space, where they clean up after you is even better.

6. Have I mentioned Eli is in Cub Scouts this year? He begged us to let him do it, mostly because he’d heard a rumor there would be BB guns. At this point it’s more like herding cats, but he did manage to earn his Bobcat badge.

7. I took my sister and my mom on a day trip to Cincinnati for some IKEA and Jungle Jim retail therapy. On the way home I introduced them to the best fried chicken in Indiana. If you find yourself near Oldenburg, Indiana, make sure you stop at Wagner’s and have some pan-fried deliciousness.

8.  Elena played volleyball this fall. It was 2% her wanting to try it, and 98% me wanting her to find a sport (any sport!) she might like. She ended up being the only one on her team who hadn’t played volleyball for multiple seasons. You’d think that would be a recipe for disaster, but she did great. She didn’t complain (much) and she improved drastically through the season. This particular photo is her serving to get her team into the championship game.

9. I had the opportunity to work alongside Future Farmers of America from around Indiana at the Colts annual Million Meals Marathon. The Colts partner with Thrive360 (formerly Kids Against Hunger of Central Indiana) to pack a million meals that will find their way to families facing hunger in Indiana. I packed for 2 hours, along with a couple of Colts cheerleaders, blogging pals, and the Colts Defensive End Cory Redding. It was such a cool experience, and I can’t wait to do it again with Mike and the kids.

10. What every parent’s floor looks like if they have a LEGO fan in the house … just kidding. It’s actually a sea of LEGO bricks for kids to play in at LEGO KidsFest. Super fun and a cool photo op, if you don’t think about how many germy little hands have been all over those bricks.

11. Mike and I have been able to go to two Colts games this year. This picture is from a home game against the Bengals. Incredible seats and lots of fun for us. Not so much for the Bengals fans we took with us. The weekend before last we went to the Colts game in Cleveland. The horse head did not make that trip with us. We’re not stupid.

12. My friend Sacha clued us into a KaBOOM! playground build that was happening in our community. I’m a big fan of KaBOOM! and their passion for making play accessible to kids in every kind of community, so it was a very special thing to be able to help. I hauled mulch for a bit and Elena helped paint signs for the new playground.

If you’re not already following me on Instagram already, please do! You can find me there as (the one and only) AngieSix.

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