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Angie Six

Hi!  I’m Angie Six.  Welcome to Just Like The Number!

Just Like The Number was created in 2006 as a way to keep in touch with the friends and family I’d left behind in Tennessee following a move to Indianapolis. What started out as a rambling journal with pictures here and there slowly morphed into a blog with a purpose. Just Like The Number is a lifestyle blog encompassing everything I love – motherhood, family, food, football, travel, books, photography and my Hoosier home. (Yes, I know I love A LOT of things.)

What’s Up With The Name?

Just Like The Number comes from a phrase I repeat nearly every time I meet someone new. When you have a last name as simple, yet as unusual, as Six, it tends to confuse people. So I’m Angie Six: just like the number.


Six, Party of Four

I may be the mastermind behind this blog, but without my cast of characters there wouldn’t be much material.  My husband, Mike, and I have been married for 19 years.  Without him, I’d never have such a clever last name to use in my blog.  Mike is a businessman by day and a poker player by night. We have two children, Elena (14)  and Eli (9) and a rescue pup named Gus.  In my previous life I was a medical technologist in an immunology lab.  Now I’m a freelance writer and photographer, trying my best not to conduct any laboratory experiments in my kitchen.

No, Really, Tell Me More!

  • For the average girl, I am an avid sports fan, especially of the NFL and the Indianapolis Colts .  This probably has something to do with the 4000 hours of watching Sports Center I endured as a newlywed.  I have an especially unhealthy obsession with Peyton Manning, that landed me a coveted writing spot on Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback.
  • I love to read and usually have books stacked precariously high on my nightstand.  In fact, I can’t stand just sitting and not reading something. I have been known to get engrossed in a 5-year-old copy of Car & Driver while waiting for an oil change.
  • I love to travel, and have a list a mile long of places I long to visit. I’ve been told I’m pretty awesome at trip planning, and I love to do it – almost as much as the traveling itself. Our family took an epic, month-long trip to London and Spain in the summer of 2014. You can read about it, as well as the rest of our adventures, on my oh-so-originally named Travel Page.
  • My pictures are taken with either a Canon Rebel XSi DSLR camera or my iPhone.  In 2010 I took a picture every single day for a year.  Two of my photographs have earned ribbons in the Indiana State Fair.  They’re not all ribbon-worthy, but you can see my photography on my Flickr page.
  • My favorite food in the whole wide world is a baja-style fish taco.  I’ve yet to find anything close to decent in Indianapolis.  When I do, choirs of angels will sing and I can focus my efforts on more serious things, like finding Indy’s best paletas.
  • I love craft beer (thanks to the dear ladies of Girls Pint Out, who took my Rolling Rock-loving self under their wings).  No need to impress me with fancy wine, just bring me a growler or a six-pack of your favorite brew and we will be forever friends. If I had to choose one beer and one beer only to drink for the rest of my life, it would be Sunking Sunlight Cream Ale.
  • Counter-tops and flat surfaces that are covered on every square inch give me hives.  The Container Store is my happy place. I worked there for nearly 3 years. Yes, my home is pretty darn organized.
  • I also wrote a blog called The Risky Kids. If you pump your fists in solidarity with free-range parents, or you just like to try crazy fun screen-free things with your kids, I think you’ll like it a lot.

I think that about covers it.  If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me, here’s how:

E-mail:  justlikethenumber@gmail.com

Twitter: @AngieSix

Instagram: angiesix

Pinterest: angie_six