The Sixes in Spain: 2 Months to Go!


As of today, we have 2 months and 8 days before we leave for Spain! It seems both excruciatingly far away and ridiculously around the corner, depending on the day.

My friend Casey just returned from a week’s visit to Madrid, and I shamelessly stalked her Instagram feed for her lovely photos.

The first order of business in prepping for this trip was to make sure we could actually take the children with us legally, which meant a Saturday morning in line at the post office to apply for passports. These are the things technology and bribery are made for. The passports arrived yesterday. Now to make sure we don’t lose them before the big day.

Passports for taking kids to Spain

Next up was buying our plane tickets. You know, I’m so thankful that we live in a land of infinite choices … except when it comes to decisions like these. What’s a good price? What’s a bad price? What’s the likelihood the fare will increase in the next 7 days? How much time is adequate for a layover? What’s the best city to fly out of? We were either going to buy a plane ticket or get divorced, and I wasn’t sure which would be more painful or cost less. Thankfully it will be customs over divorce court. Kudos to Mike for not leaving me and for finding us an amazing deal.

Now that we have dates, we can earnestly begin the rest of our planning. Mike will stay for close to 3 weeks, and the kids and I will stay another 11 days. It seems I have a little reading to do:

Guide Books Spain

Besides planning our exact itinerary, we are bound and determined to learn as much Spanish as possible before we leave. We tried a few free programs, both online and from the library, but didn’t love any of them. We ended up biting the bullet and buying Rosetta Stone . Of course, everyone has already learned the one Spanish phrase they won’t survive without:

Eli: helado (ice cream)

Elena: pepita de pollo (chicken nugget)

Mike: ¿Donde está el casino más circano? (Where is the nearest casino?)

Me: ¿Donde es la cerveza más cercana? (Where is the nearest beer?)

We should be good, no?

I’m 100% prepared to overload myself with information, so if you have any tips, advice, or awesome resources for traveling with kids to Spain or Europe, send ‘em my way!


Clinton Kelly: Freakin’ Fabulous in Indianapolis (Plus 5 Hot Fashion Trends for Spring 2014)

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

Macy's Clinton Kelly

I feel like Clinton Kelly, style guru, author and The Chew host, and I are pretty intimate. I mean, how could we not be after I spent months topless in front of him? At least, it feels like I know him personally, from the hours gleaning every bit of fashion advice from him that I could while I nursed an infant Eli on the couch.

I’m sure Clinton is relieved that he’s never actually seen me topless, though he certainly has good advice on the girls. (Get a professional bra fitting every year! Your bust should fall halfway between the elbow and shoulder! Keep ‘em locked and loaded!) However, I was thrilled to see him at a special Macy’s Girl’s Night Out Event last Friday. Clinton was in town to host a fashion show, highlighting this spring’s biggest trends showcased on millennials, curvy girls (that’s me!), and mature women. And what are spring’s must-haves?

Clinton Kelly moto jackets

The Moto Jacket

I love this look, and will definitely be adding it to my spring wardrobe. One of my biggest struggles, which I asked Clinton about, is how to not ruin a cute spring outfit with ugly outerwear when it’s chilly. Layers, like an edgy moto jacket or interesting cardigans in a bright color, are the answer. One warning: do not make the mistake of pairing a moto jacket with the boxy shirts that are also popular right now. No boxy under boxy! Choose a fitted shirt instead.

Clinton Kelly lace


Lace is hot right now, but it doesn’t mean you have to look like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Pair a lace top or a knit blazer featuring lace details with edgy jeans. Notice the curvy model is wearing skinny jeans. My curvy friends – do not fear the skinny jean! And don’t feel like you have to cover a bigger booty in skinny jeans with a long, flowy top! It will make your legs look stumpy and your back end appear bigger. The key, according to Clinton, is to divide and conquer the big booty! Pair those skinny pants with a shirt that hits right in the middle of the backside. By essentially cutting the booty in half visually, it will appear smaller.

Clinton Kelly florals


This is a trend I’ve yet to try, but would love to. I’m print-phobic, unless it’s a stripe. I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like, so I had to put myself on a stripe-strike! I forbid myself to buy another printed shirt in a stripe pattern. I know how important a good print is for adding visual interest to an outfit. The models were shown wearing different floral prints, which scares me, but Clinton assured us that you can mix prints by pairing a neutral print with a bold print. That was a lightbulb moment for me … and will completely change the way I think about decorating as well!

Clinton Kelly full skirts

The Full Skirt

I’m a huge fan of skirts in warmer weather. A cute skirt can take me from running errands to the playground to a girl’s night out effortlessly, just by changing my top and accessories. I feel as comfy and cool as I would if I were wearing shorts, but I look so much cuter! According to Clinton, there’s nothing an A-line skirt can’t fix on a curvy girl. I couldn’t agree more.

Clinton Kelly black and white for spring

Black and White

The cheers went up in the audience for this look, as we Hoosiers love our black and white during the month of May! Whether you’re an Indianapolis 500 fan or not, everyone can pull off a version of this look.

Clinton Kelly and Angie Six

After the show, I had a few minutes to chat with Clinton one-on-one. As a blogger and Pinterest addict, I had to ask him how he thought these things have impacted women and mothers. I just loved what he had to say:

“People are getting so many more ideas, from real people. It’s not like looking at a fashion magazine. The average fashion magazine has about as much relevance to the average American mom’s life Popular Mechanics! So what’s happening is that women are seeing ideas from other women just like themselves, whether it’s crafting, food ideas, or putting together cute outfits on a budget. I think it’s awesome. I think people are starting to feel more creative, and it’s so refreshing.

His outlook on clothing really resonates with me. He reminds us that fashion is what you see on runways, but style is your approach to fashion. He honestly does not care what you wear! But he does make an excellent point: like it or not, your clothes tell the world how you want to be treated. And to a further extent, your clothes tell you how you treat yourself. If you always wear something schlumpy, people will have a harder time taking you seriously. When you dress in nothing but loose shirts and yoga pants (unless you’re always off to yoga), you’ll feel less confident, less motivated to face daily life with energy and joy. When you wear something fitted, attractive and fun, you’ll exude confidence and feel better about yourself. I know this, because I’ve lived it.

Clinton also has a new book, which looks as fun and adorable as the man himself. It’s called Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget. I mean, who can resist Clinton Kelly on their nightstand or coffee table?

Finally, to answer a couple of your burning questions that everyone’s been asking.  No, I did not stress out about my outfit. Yes, Clinton is as witty, nice and handsome as he appears on television. And no, I don’t care what anyone says, I will never try to pull off white pants. I’m all about the moto jacket, though.

What’s a spring trend you want to try this year? Heard any style advice recently that’s rocked your closet?



Sponsor Spotlight {and Giveaway!}: eFamily

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eFamily Photos

The very reason I started Just Like The Number was to keep friends and family updated on our lives. We had just made a major move from Tennessee to Indiana. With a preschooler in the house and a baby on the way, I had lots of stories and photos I wanted to share. This was, like, a hundred years ago, when no one over the age of 21 was on Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist. I had two ways I could share our life with the people who cared: a mass email or a blog. I fell in love with blogging, of course, and the rest is history.

There are many people who feel completely comfortable sharing everything online as I do. I know my family loves seeing our pictures. However, not everyone wants their business on the web for everyone to see. Facebook and Instagram are wonderful tools in which you can share your photos while still selecting just who is privileged enough to see them. But what if the people you’d most love to share your photos with aren’t on social media? As am sure you’ve encountered, there are grandparents, aunts, uncle and friends who don’t use Facebook or other social media sharing sites for a variety of reasons. What a shame to leave them out of the loop!


eFamily can help you share your photographs and updates with the people you care about, while maintaining your privacy. Subscribing to eFamily allows you to:

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  • Update family and friends with a Daily Family Digest.
  • Store birthdays, emails, phone numbers and address all in one place.
  • Mobile access your family’s private site via iPhone or Android app.

eFamily is great for:

  • Families that want another way to share photos and updates without depending on social media sites like Facebook.
  • Families that love the idea of blogging, but don’t want to deal with the hassles of design, domains, hosting and privacy issues.
  • Families that want an interactive, easy and beautiful way to connect and share.

(Side note for my Hoosier readers: eFamily is based out of Fishers, Indiana. Fist pump for supporting local businesses!)

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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