A Life Reimagined

“Are you interested in life coaching?”

Weathered wood Michigan dunes

It seemed a simple enough question, and the answer was yes. I’ve always been interested in introspection and self-improvement. Life coaching falls cozily beneath both umbrellas. Three obstacles stood in the way between me and a potential life coach, however: the phone, the car, and my wallet.

As I strive to know myself better, I’ve learned that there are a few surefire ways to get me to avoid doing something. If it involves making a phone call, having to leave the house for an appointment, or digging deep into my wallet, I’ll probably put it off or not do it at all. Strangely enough, this applies not only to things I wouldn’t want to do anyways (the DMV, the dentist, the gym), but also to things that I know I’d enjoy, like a massage. I hate making phone calls, filling my calendar makes me anxious, and – as a classic under buyer – I have a hard time spending money.

So, yes. I was interested in life coaching, but not motivated enough to call around, make an appointment, and write a big check. And that’s why I was game for giving Life Reimagined a go when I was approached to try it and participate in a focus group. Life Reimagined would bring the benefits of introspection and life coaching to me. I could fully participate and reap all the benefits without picking up the phone, leaving my house, or spending a hefty sum.

I spent some time navigating the site and answering some questions about myself and what I was looking for in this season of my life. As I reflected on these things using the tools provided, I created a Life Map and a purpose statement that continues to guide my days long after the exercise was complete. I met with a certified Life Coach from the comfort of my home, via video chat on my computer. We chatted for an hour, with my Coach putting me at ease immediately. I had countless a-ha moments in that hour, and furiously scribbled notes that have provided me with tools and inspiration I use daily.

For the first time in a long while, I feel that my days are structured in a way that leaves me feeling complete. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, when I should be doing it. I feel balanced, doing things that benefit myself, my family, and my work. And as I contemplate what life looks like for me in the next few years, as my kids grow and I begin exploring what career opportunities are out there for me, I feel like I have a map made just for me.

I’m a fan, and I’m thrilled to share my Life Reimagined testimonial with you:

Yes, I was able to try Life Reimagined at no cost to me. And yes, I did get to spend time in New York City while filming my testimonial. But that was where my obligation to Life Reimagined ended. And yet I feel compelled to share this service with you, not out of any obligation to Life Reimagined, but out of an authentic desire to share something that has really and truly been of great value in my life. For less than a dinner out with friends or a few cups of coffee, you can give yourself something that will quite possibly change your life.

If you have any questions about my experience or want to chat further about details, please reach out to me, either through the comments or at justlikethenumber@gmail.com if you prefer to discuss privately. I’d be more than happy to share more if anyone is interested.


Leaving the Familiar

I came across this quote while reading Anthony Doerr’s Four Seasons in Rome, and it’s become one of my favorite quotes about travel.

One of my favorite quotes about travel from novelist Anthony Doerr. Inspirational Quotes | Spain | Ronda

Photo taken in Ronda, Spain.

As we leave home and explore the unfamiliar this week, I hope you’ll consider doing the same. It doesn’t have to be a grand, sweeping or expensive adventure. Travel to the next county over, visit that state park you always say you’ll get to, try a restaurant in a new cuisine, explore an unfamiliar part of town. Leave the comfort of your home and become new all over again.


The Short List: April

Poolside reading

I can’t think of the last time in my life (at least since having kids) that I have packed and unpacked a suitcase so many times. This spring has been a season of travel. Last month I had my quick trip to New York City. (Update: I was able to watch my Life Reimagined video that I shot while in NYC. I can’t share it quite yet, but I’m so happy with how it turned out!) This month I was able to get away for a few days to Florida with Mike. His trip was pretty much all business, while mine was pretty much all lounging. I’m eternally grateful for my family and neighbors who make it possible for us to sneak away together. I’m also eternally grateful for piña coladas.

In just a few days we’re headed west! Yes, our big trip to California is right around the corner. You may remember it was our Christmas gift to the kids. We’re all super excited. We’ll spend four days in Los Angeles, a day at Disneyland, and 3 days in San Diego. If you want to follow along, be sure to find me on Instagram. And maybe Snapchat? I just joined, but have absolutely NO clue what I’m doing. That, my friends, is what having a teenage daughter is for. I’m angie.six in that foreign land!

While we’re navigating the west coast, here are a few things I found while still firmly planted in the midwest:

Disclosure: This post contains a few affiliate links.


I’m still way behind on the podcast craze, but there are a few that I’ve been absolutely loving. One is Modern Love. Each week, a celebrity reads an essay from the New York Times column by the same name. The topics of the essays are so varied and interesting, and never fail to captivate me. I especially loved “My First Lesson in Motherhood,” read by Connie Britton. As a reader, I also adore the new podcast from Anne Bogel, What Should I Read Next. I think I love listening to people talk about books almost as much as I enjoy reading them! I’m on a quest to find a podcast that the kids and I would enjoy together. Any suggestions?


Thanks to a recommendation from What Should I Read Next, Eli and I are reading The Crossover by Kwame Alexander together. Reading something written in verse is new for us, but the topic (basketball) and the writing have us hooked. I’m also tearing through a fantastic book on parenting teenage girls. Chock full of useful and panic-reducing information, Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood by Lisa Damour is a book I’m going to be shoving into other parents’ hands on a regular basis. On the fiction front I started The Possibilities by Kaui Hart Hemmings . You might remember her as the author of The Descendents, which was made into a movie starring George Clooney. On the audiobook side of things I’m listening to How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran. Imagine Bridget Jones and Cameron Jones melded into one teenage girl growing up in the gritty suburbs of London. It’s a fun (but definitely not safe for work or small ears) listen so far.


I’ve been admiring maxi dresses from afar for the last couple of summers. They seem so cute on other (taller) women, but all wrong when I try them on. Every maxi dress I’ve tried on has been too long, or too tight in the wrong places, or so loose it looks like a potato sack. And don’t even get me started on the bra issues!

gap column maxi dress

I finally found the perfect maxi dress at the Gap that is big-busted, short girl perfection. It comes in petite sizing, so I don’t have to hem it, it’s clingy in a sexy way (as opposed to sausage-casing clingy), and I can wear a normal bra with it. I’ll be wearing it all summer long, dressed up and dressed down.


Have trouble deciding what to read? How about reading a book based on your Myers-Brigg personality type? (I’m an ISFJ-T, so I added A Little Life to my TBR list.)

Our 19th wedding anniversary is just around the corner, so these tweets that only married people will understand made me chuckle.

As a person who never excelled at math, this article fascinated me. It also changed the way I talk about math to my kids.

What’s on your short list of favorite things right now?

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