1. We got a puppy! Even though we’ve only had him for a little over a month, we’re head-over-heels for our Gus. It was a total coincidence, but we just happened to get him on Eli’s birthday. It’s going to be hard to top a puppy next year!

2. The highlight of our summer is the Indiana State Fair. When we planned our trip to Spain, the first question the kids asked was, “We won’t miss the fair, will we?” We went 3 times and it still doesn’t feel like enough.

3. Eli and I spent an afternoon at Colts Training Camp at Anderson University. The guys from the MMQB Training Camp Tour were there (sadly we missed Peter King) that day. Eli was ready to leave me in the dust and ride off to Green Bay with the boys in the fancy RV.

4. Is there anything better than closing down the pool with one of your best buddies?

5. The kids went back to school mid-August. Elena is officially too old for a back-to-school photo shoot, especially at 7 am. Eli, as you can see, feels differently.

6. Elena and I at Symphony on the Prairie. We went with my sister, and spent most of the evening down on the dance floor dancing to the tunes of ABBA.

7. See that smile on Eli above? That quickly faded when he realized 1st grade meant some kind of homework nearly every day (BOO). The one homework task he never minds? Reading out loud to Gus.

8. If I had a dollar for every time I thought to myself, “I have the world’s best neighbors,” I’d be able to buy a house on the beach. But I wouldn’t … because, hello? World’s best neighbors! We decided to ditch the boys and have a girls’ night out downtown. SO FUN. I just adore these girls.

9. “You want us to squirt shaving cream on our heads and throw cheese puffs at each other?” Just another day in the life of kid whose mom is a blogger. The end result was this fun post I did for Bedtime Math.

10. My last day at The Container Store, after working there nearly 3 years. I feel lost on Wednesday nights, when I always went in to unload our truck shipment. Man, I miss those people. But man, do I wake up feeling refreshed on Thursday mornings now.

11. We ate churros nearly every day in Spain, so the kids have been jonesing for them in a bad way. I finally tried my hand at making them one Sunday  morning. I’m not sure where I went wrong, but the end result was a pan full of exploding churros. I’m still finding random bits of churro dough and oil in my kitchen. There were churros on the ceiling, y’all! Thankfully I walked away with minimal injuries (a few burn marks on my face and feet). Mike took over the duties as fry cook and managed to keep the churros where they belonged – intact in the pan, and – finally – in our bellies.

12. We organized our first annual cul-de-sac fantasy football draft. Because nothing brings neighbors together like good, old-fashioned smack talk.

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May in an Instagram

1. I bought Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened for my beach trip. Elena and her friend got a hold of it and became somewhat mildly obsessed with Allie Brosh … so much so that I found out Elena’s friend did a presentation on Allie Brosh for a school project. Eli noticed the cover one day and said, “Herpe bowl and a half? That’s a weird name for a book.” All of this is to say the book is awesome and you should definitely read it.

2. The kids and I had the opportunity to visit the newest exhibit at The Children’s Museum a couple of weeks ago, “Take Me There: China.” I highly recommend both the exhibit and the museum. What a treasure we have right here in Indy! Isn’t the lobby gorgeous with all the Chinese lanterns? We’ll be visiting again very soon so we can see the Terra Cotta Warriors.

3. Elena and I did a 5k together! Elena participated in Girls On The Run. If you have a girl that’s at all interested in running, definitely sign her up for a program. It’s about so much more than running. And if you’re an adult woman who likes to run and is looking for a volunteer opportunity that can change girls’ lives, consider volunteering as a mentor or running buddy.

4. Mike made us a big fire pit in our backyard in one afternoon and for less than $50! It’s fabulous, and I see years worth of fun and marshmallows in our future. We of course had to break it in right away, so we had the neighbors over for a bonfire. Eli and his buddy were enthralled when the dads starting burning a broken bench … and maybe a barcalounger. Maybe.

5. I got to sleep in on Mother’s Day (the best free gift ever), but that was quickly surpassed by some late morning snuggles and the perfect handmade necklace from Eli. I’m going to be so sad when he’s too big for momma snuggles and kisses.

6. I surprised Mike for our anniversary with a bottle of this rose from Brad and Angelina’s winery. He’s not a wine drinker, but he’d read about it somewhere and heard that it tasted like Sweet Tarts. So, it doesn’t really, but it is delicious! He tried it, but I don’t think he’ll be switching from Margarita Mike to Moscato Mike anytime soon.

7. Do you have Culver’s where you live? It’s dangerously close to our house. I’m able to resist the siren call most days, but sometimes a crappy day just demands fried cheese curds and a chocolate peanut butter banana shake, ya know?

8. Elena found this Polaroid camera at Goodwill for $4 and had to have it. We haven’t had a chance to get film for it yet, but when we do, I can’t wait to tell her to, “Shake it. Shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture.”

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Let Them Take a Selfie

It never fails.

At the one moment I most need to use my phone’s camera in a hurry, to capture something fleeting and with the potential to get me some serious double tap action on Instagram, the message of sadness appears:

“You are out of storage space.”

One glance at my camera roll will usually tell me why. I’m not the problem … it’s these selfie-loving, movie-making fools:

Peter Parker Selfie

The “Peter Parker” selfie.

 Climbing a tree selfie

The “I’m-in-a-tree-12-feet-off-the-ground-precariously-holding-mom’s-phone-with-outstretched-arm” selfie.

kids taking selfies

The “Will our chicken and waffles ever get here?” selfie.

 Elena selfie

The “I Can’t Even” selfie.

Because 386 selfies mixed with 239 screen shots of puppies and One Direction don’t take up quite enough space, the children like to supplement with their cinematography skills. They call this one “Ninja Under Influence of Tranquilizer Dart:”

The kids and I are going to have a nice little sit-down about the proper use of mom’s iPhone camera.  But first, let me take a selfie!

Angie Six selfie

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