Happiness Comes to Indy, and Brought Over 80 Kinds of Hangers With It.

The Container Store Blogger Preview
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of The Container Store.  If you’ve been anywhere near me in the last couple of weeks, either in person or on Facebook and Twitter, then you also knew that our very own Container Store in Indy was about to open.  I’ve been counting down the days, and I know I’m not alone.

The store opened to the public last Saturday, but on Thursday a small group of bloggers had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the store.  I knew what to expect – I’ve been to seven(!) Container Stores across the country over the years.  Still, seeing my Container Store was a little like seeing your own child for the first time.  You know you like babies, you know they’re cute, but deep in your heart you know yours is the BEST.

The Container Store Blogger Preview
The best part of the afternoon for me was seeing the store through the eyes of people who had never stepped foot in a Container Store before.  Not one person walked out of there without seeing something that they instantly knew would make their life a little bit easier.

The Container Store Blogger Preview
My favorite section of the store?  Kitchen, naturally, but especially the wall of snack/lunch containers.  Nearly every thing my kids take in their lunch boxes comes from this little corner of the store.

Japanese washi tape at The Container Store
I’m also excited to finally have access to the gift wrap section on a regular basis.  I could never quite justify the car or suitcase space these pretty things would take up when I visited stores before.  Not anymore!  I love buying plain brown craft paper for wrapping presents, and you can bet I’ll be getting some of this Japanese washi tape to make it super-cute.

We were sent home with a bag generously filled with goodies from around the store.  You would have thought it was Christmas here, the way the kids ripped into that bag.  Just wait until I set them loose in the store!

Later that evening the store hosted a preview party for guests from the community.  The store was transformed into party central, with a dance floor and cash register bays turned into bars.  Even the products found new uses: as displays and service pieces for the food!

The Container Store Preview Party

Butternut squash soup in glass spice jars on brocade letter trays.

The Container Store Preview Party

Pumpkin mousse served in a Bisley cabinet.

Thanks so much to Alexandra and The Container Store for giving me a sneak peek and a fun evening out.  I start my job there next Saturday, so if you’re around please come in and say hi!  I’ll be happy to show you my other 114 favorite corners of the store.


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  1. Love your photos, Angie! “Container Store Day” was definitely the highlight of my week. And I WILL be in to visit- I’m dreaming about food containers, and help for my closet….

  2. You’ve been to 7 container stores?! I’ve never set foot in one, but I am intrigued. I think we just got one in Green Hills. Good luck on your first day! I am so excited for you.

  3. I went back today, toting all 3 kids with me. That’s how badly I wanted that soup bowl thing that I could rest on my belly and not burn it. Know what thing I’m talking about?

    • I don’t remember, but I better figure it out! Sounds like something I’ll need to recommend to my pregnant customers!

  4. I had no idea they opened a Container Store in Indy! I have several friends who gush about them, but I’ve never been in one. Looks like a field trip to Indy is in order.