Beauty Resolutions: Revamping the (Makeup) Kit and the Caboodles

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Everyone has embarrassing secrets, right?  Everyone has at least a few items, hidden away in their homes, that really shouldn’t see the light of day.  Items that, frankly, only need to see the inside of a trash can.

Let me introduce you to my facial faux-pas:
For those of you who came of age in the 80’s and early 90’s, you’ll recognize this relic.  It’s a Caboodles, a hip and stylish way to organize your make-up . . . IN 1989.

That make-up case has seen me through preparations for prom, college grab-a-dates, weddings (including my own), grown-up job interviews, and countless girls’ night outs and date nights.  It’s done it’s duty.  It’s time to let it go.

I wish I could tell you that the make-up inside wasn’t nearly as dated.  So maybe I don’t still have the nail polish Sassy magazine told me was a “must-have,”  but it’s still pretty sad.  I’m not sure what made me snap to reality, but one day I opened up my trusty Caboodles and realized that something had to be done.  It was time to make my first ever set of beauty resolutions.

1.  I am not 22 anymore.  I should treat my skin accordingly.

Sometimes I’m good about washing my face, sometimes I’m not.  Some days I wear moisturizer with sunscreen, other days I skip it.  In my 20s I could get away with that.  And for most of my 30s I have.  However, I would like to look decent well into my senior-citizen discount days.  Not in a creepy Botox and plastic surgery way, but in a way that shows I paid some attention to my skin.  And so the first order of business is to get into a decent skin care routine.  My goals for 2012 are to:

  • Try out one of those facial brushes.  I’m not quite ready to splurge on a fancy one yet, but I’m ready to give something like this from Olay a try.
  • Use a decent facial moisturizer on a daily basis.  Ideally I’d like something with SPF for the day, and something anti-aging for night.

2.  Make-up, like milk and some fashions, have an expiration date.

Expired, sad makeup

There’s no reason to still use mascara from 2010, especially when there are great ones out there for cheap.  Same goes for eye shadow and foundation.  Even if it isn’t expired, do I really need to hang on to a cracked tube of blue eye shadow?  When was the last time you saw a middle-aged mom in blue eye shadow and thought, “Now that’s classy!”

3.  It doesn’t have to cost $75 an ounce to be good.

In years past, I’ve had the time and the means to splurge on some really good stuff.  There are certain things that I’ve found are worth spending a little more on.  Foundation, for me, is one of them.  Make-up brushes are another.  The rest, though, can easily be purchased in drugstores.  I’ve put off buying newer versions of eye shadow, blush and lipstick because I haven’t had the time or the money to go to my old stand-bys.  This year I resolve to have some fun and update my collection in the drugstore aisles.

Affordable Makeup Favorites

Some of my favorites that can be found in the drugstore aisles: Essie nail polish, Maybelline Super Stay Lip Color, Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, Yes to Carrots Lip Tint and Body Butter


4.  I deserve more than leftover Quality Inn hotel samples.

I buy new bottles of shampoo for Mike.  The kids have organic bath salts.  Me?  I’ve been making myself use up the old hotel shampoo bottles and hair products that I never quite loved.  My resolution this year is to allow myself to splurge on some products for myself.

Now, if I could only resolve to back away from the Lip Smackers and the Caboodles.

What’s your favorite drugstore beauty steal?  I’d love to add it to my shopping list!

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  1. I miss my caboodles! And also yes – I don’t have the skin of a 22 year old any longer either 🙁

  2. I still have my caboodle and a mini one too. Clear out the insides and throw out the expired goods, but keep the caboodle!

  3. Love the drugstore finds, but I am sure you can find some nice, simple storage at The Container Store. Keep the Caboodle though!

    • Yeah, I’m thinking I should spring for something a little more grown-up from The Container Store and pass the Caboodles on to the next generation of blue eyeshadow wearers.

  4. I feel relieved! Relieved to know that someone else my age still has (and uses!) their Caboodle! I’ve tried to get rid of it. I really have. But, it’s what works best… My mom? She uses a fishing tackle box for her makeup. Since a Caboodle is pretty much a glorified tackle box painted pink, I think I’ll keep mine. Wait… don’t you think it’d be brilliant if Caboodle started making something for ADULT women?!?! Who knows someone at their marketing department? I’d be happy to try out a beta-version for them!