I Hear Thibodaux Is A Lovely Place To Raise A Family


I subscribe to a lot of blogs using Google Reader.  Most of them are for pure entertainment, but I have a few that I subscribe to for job potential.  I love the idea of doing some freelance writing (you know, like the time I was in the Indianapolis Star this week?!), and so I follow a few blogs that post freelance writing gigs.  I also follow ProBlogger’s Job Board, just in case that dream blogging job comes along.  I delete 99% of the posts, but I saw this one and let out a very audible gasp, followed by a squeal, followed by a dejected sigh:

The Manning Passing Academy is owned and operated by the first family of football: Archie, Cooper, Peyton and Eli Manning. Now in its 17th year, the annual football camp brings together the brightest and most successful coaches and players from the professional, college, and high school ranks.

Now it’s your chance to join the excitement! SportsBlog.com and its partners are looking for a blogger who is located in THIBODAUX, LOUISIANA (or nearby) to cover camp updates and interview players and participants.

Details: $10 per article, 2 articles per week. You will be granted access to the camp and stakeholders, and we will keep you in the loop and guide you with camp news and updates. There will be no shortage of topics to cover leading up to the actual event! Occasional visits to the camp may be required.

This is a year-round position starting immediately.

Let us go over the gasp and squeal-worthy elements of this job:

  • Peyton Manning
  • Eli Manning
  • Did I mention Peyton Manning?
  • “You will be granted access to the camp and stakeholders” Helloooo, Peyton Manning!
  • “Occasional visits to the camp may be required” I’m on it.  I can be there all day, every day.  I heard Peyton Manning might be there.
  • “Interview players and participants” Let’s be honest, readers really only want me to interview the Manning brothers.  And maybe Archie, he’s a nice guy. But mostly they want to hear from Peyton. I’m on it.
  • $20 a week to write about Peyton and Eli Manning.  And those other people there, like the kids, getting in the way of my direct access to the Mannings. Whatever.

And now, for the dejecting part:

  • ” . . . looking for a blogger who is located in THIBODAUX, LOUISIANA (or nearby).”

To which I respond:

  • BOO.
  • Define “nearby.”  I am definitely closer than that blogger in Jersey that wants the job.
  • Family meeting: all in favor of moving to Thibodaux, Louisiana raise their hands.

Funny thing, turns out the family consensus is that we aren’t moving to Louisiana for the enticing salary of $20 a week and full access to the Manning clan.  To which I respond: BOO.






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  1. Paul Kinnison says:

    Angie, Angie, Angie (shaking my head)! Two things come to mind………..
    1. This woman needs a Colts Head
    2. Perhaps professional help is in order!!

  2. Oh come on. $20 will get you…at least a whole bunch of rice and beans! And it’s mostly warm there. You could camp! Where’s their sense of adventure?

    • Sadly, rice and beans and camping aren’t helping my case in the least. They’re more of a mac-n-cheese, warm bed kind of people. Again, BOO.