Happy Tweetsgiving!

"Would you and Mike like to go out sometime this weekend? We don't have any plans if you want to drop the kids off and have them spend the night."

No, that's not some sort of dream sequence – that's a regular occurrence in my life.  At least once a month, if not more, I get a phone call from my mom with those words.  She can barely finish her question before I've got the kids' suitcase packed and the two of them buckled in the car.  And the best part is, the kids are just as excited as I am.  They love their sleepovers at Grandpa and Abuela's.

This Thanksgiving, I'm so incredibly thankful for my parents and all they do for my little family.  It might not seem like much to them (or maybe it does, seeing as how Eli gets up at the butt crack of dawn when he spends the night there), but the impact of their kindness has a tremendous ripple effect.  Mike and I know that every few weeks we can look forward to an evening to ourselves.  A nice dinner, a chance to talk without constant interruption, a few extra hours of sleep in the morning.  The kids know that every few weeks they can look forward to an evening with just their grandparents.  A few sweet treats, a movie watched together or games played.  Eli loves following my dad around the house, and Elena loves coming up with a new project to sew with my mom.  Those special evening strengthen both marriage bonds and family bonds.

I know we're lucky, and I'm thankful for my parents and all they do. 

The inspiration for this post (other than my wonderful parents) came from the upcoming #tweetsgiving event in Indianapolis sponsored by Epic Change.  Epic Change is a non profit organization that helps "raise money for less fortunate entrepreneurs, giving everyone a voice." #tweetsgiving is a 48 hour event to raise money for the organization.  Last year they raised over $10,000 for a school in Tanzania.  You can find more information about Epic Change here.

If you're in Indy, I hope you'll consider attending the Indy #tweetsgiving tweetup at Scotty's Brewhouse (downtown location) on Tuesday, November 24 from 5-9 p.m.  Cash donations will be accepted there, and Scotty's will be matching 10% of the sales that evening.  If you can't make it, please consider making a donation.  If you're on twitter, be sure to follow the hashtags #indytweetup, #indytweetsgiving and #tweetsgiving. 

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And lastly, I'd love to hear what you're thankful for in your life right now!

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  1. I’m thankful for wonderful friends like you.

  2. That was an amazing post Angie! As a uncledad of my 2 nephews whom I’ve raised all of their life, you really struck a cord with my heart when you mentioned that phone call. Oh do I love to hear that phone call. Thank you for helping us by participating in #indytweetup #indytweetsgiving #tweetsgiving! We are blessed to call you a friend, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great post! Hope you get another one of those phone calls very soon. I know they can be lifesavers! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Angie. I’m one of the blogging crowd in the list up there. I can identify with those calls. We get them only a few times a year, but they are a wonderful thing when they come. It’s nice to go “off duty” for just a bit. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. oh can i borrow your parents?? my parents are in the middle east whilst i am in australia and i have NEVER had one of those calls… you are truly blessed 🙂
    I am thankful for the three little blessings that belong to me and that without them my life would be utterly boring and dull 🙂 And that even though I dont get much of a break from them, I am thankful cos they are great to be with!
    I am also thankful for great blogs that show me I have alot to be thankful for!!

  6. Angie,
    What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog post and thank you for participating. Have a wonderful holiday season!