Just Call Me the Neighborhood Barista

As a member of House Party, I was selected to receive a TASSIMO T55 Home Brewing System in exchange for hosting friends for coffee. I’m not required to post about the experience, but I’m enjoying my new TASSIMO brewer so much I just had to share! This post contains affiliate links.


Wherever our passions or hobbies lie, we tend to collect accessories to feed them. For me, that passion is coffee. And for being the only person in the house that actually drinks coffee, I’ve collected quite a few coffee-drinking accessories over the years.

I started out with the standard coffee pot, which served me well for many years. When I shattered the carafe one sleepy morning, I moved onto a fancier coffee pot, one with an insulated carafe. I had a brief affair with a stovetop espresso maker. I own a bean grinder and a ceramic coffee dripper, one of which I use every day and the other of which I’m scared of and never use … I’ll let you decide which is which.

Over the years Mike has gently, and then not-so-gently tried to convince me that perhaps the lone coffee drinker in the house doesn’t need to make a full pot of coffee every day. When the fancy coffee pot finally kicked the bucket, I moved onto a french press. For the last 2 years, it’s been my best friend every morning. Still, it’s a big french press, and I find myself making a full pot every day. If I were drinking it black every morning, it probably wouldn’t matter. But no, I’m going HAM, adding 2 big spoonfuls of sugar and a hefty swig of half-and-half.

I’ve had my eye on purchasing a single-serve brewer for awhile now, but the initial cost has kept me from biting the bullet and purchasing one. And then the TASSIMO showed up on my doorstep. I named it Chris … a thousand points to Gryffindor if you know why.

Tassimo T55 Home Brewing System

I had some neighbors and friends over last weekend to give Chris a spin. The verdict? We love him and he’s here to stay. What’s to love?

  • It’s easy to use. Pop in a T-disc and press a button. Perfect for those sleepy mornings when pressing a button is just about all you can do.
  • Great selection of beverages. We tried coffee, hot cocoa, cappuccino and tea, and loved them all. You can also get lattes, mochas, and various flavors of coffee and tea.
  • Variety means a more useful appliance. I love that Elena is making her own hot cocoa in the mornings. I often have guests that don’t like coffee, or prefer decaf. Now I can stock a variety of T-discs and always have something on hand that will make someone happy.

Gevalia cappuccino T-disc
The only downside I see to a TASSIMO over other brewers is that the T-discs are not as readily available as the more common K-cups. You can order them on Amazon, or you can use those handy Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and get them for 20% off. I’d also love to see TASSIMO come out with a way to use your own beans in the brewer.

I feel like I could be the neighborhood barista now. Come on over for a latte! Give me a few minutes of good conversation over a cup of joe and leave a few coins in the tip jar (to fund my next coffee-related must-have accessory). You, me and Chris, we’ll all be happy.

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