Adventures From The Six-Tastic Summer 23 x 23 List

In an attempt to stay sane and make the most out of our days together this summer, I came up with a Summer Bucket List, if you will.  I christened it the 23 x 23 List, as it has 23 things to do before school starts on August 23rd.  I hope you enjoy our adventures and they inspire you to explore all the fun things and places around you this summer!

The Official 23 x 23 List for a Six-Tastic Summer

#1: Ride the 1859 Balloon Voyage at Conner Prairie

#4: Join a Summer Reading Program

#8: Go Crabbing in the Outer Banks

#13: Slide Down a Giant Toilet

#14: Make Tin-Can Telephones

#15: Pick Blackberries/Raspberries

#17: Spend a Day in Fort Wayne

#20: Order Pizza for Dinner at the Pool

#23: Spend an Evening Catching Fireflies

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