Six-Tastic Summer List 2.0

Cotton Candy Kids

Summer vacation means cotton candy and baseball and crossing off #4 on the Six-Tastic Summer List 2.0

Summer vacation is officially upon us.  This time last year I had a beach trip on the horizon, followed by a flurry of camps and one very impressive, Six-tastic list prepared to ensure we had an excellent summer.  

This year I'm taking a more low-key approach.  No week-long beach trip planned, instead we'll take a shorter vacation on Lake Michigan, just the four of us.  I cut back on the summer camps, just a couple for each kid, and not until late July.  

I couldn't resist making a list, though.  It's what I do.  A few of our favorites from last summer made the list, along with a handful of things that we didn't get around to last summer, with some new ideas thrown in.  I'm hoping with our laid-back attitude this summer, we'll be able to hit more of the things on our list.  And if we don't?  Not a big deal.  The key word this summer is "Enjoy."  Enjoy our days with looser schedules and fewer places that require our attendance.  Other than the pool, that is.  Our attendance is most certainly required there.

And so without further ado, I present the Six-Tastic Summer List 2.0:

  1. Play a round at Rustic Driving Range & Mini-Golf
  2. Check out the herons at the Rookery Preserve
  3. Road trip over to West Lafayette.  Visit the zoo and have a meal at the Triple XXX
  4. Take me out the the Indianapolis Indians ball game
  5. The dreaded Chuck E. Cheese
  6. Have a picnic at the IMA's 100 Acres
  7. Make popsicles
  8. Join our library's Summer Reading Program
  9. Take Elena horseback riding at Fort Ben
  10. Try our hand at letterboxing
  11. Have some good, clean fun while soap grating/making bubbles
  12. Have Mike rig up a DIY bike wash
  13. Set up a backyard obstacle course
  14. Visit the ARTSPARK
  15. Hang out at the world's best Children's Museum
  16. Use our Groupon for the Indiana Historical Society
  17. Check out the Rhythm Discovery Center downtown
  18. Beat the heat with some bowling
  19. Go for a bike ride on the Monon or discover some new bike trails
  20. Storytime at Mudsocks
  21. Walk to the gas station for slushies (or "plushies" if you're Eli)
  22. Fly kites
  23. Visit Panda(ology) and try not to buy one of everything.

Hoo-boy, that's a long list.  But it's a very long summer, and I've found that children who are busy tend to have less time to annoy each other (and their mother) to the point of retaliation.  Not that I would ever retaliate.  Much.  

What fun plans do you have up your sleeve for this summer?


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  1. If you’re willing to have me/us join you, maybe we can go to 100 Acres together. I’ve been meaning to check it out.
    Also, keep your eyes open for a Living Social deal on the Rhythm Discovery Center. I think I’ve seen discount tickets offered there.
    I love things made with PVC! If there’s a Menards near you, check out their ad — they often have PVC on sale.

  2. We just visited 100 Acres for the first time on Memorial Day. The kids LOVED it and want to go back. The only tip I have for any outdoor adventures this summer- coat yourself in bug spray. Our 100 Acres visit got cut short when we encountered mosquito city at one point on the trail and had to turn back for the car. I had half a dozen mosquitos in my hair. Ack!
    I need to make a list of what we want to do this summer. I like the idea!

  3. What a great list!!! I sat down to make a list just like this the other day- cept mine was way shorter and had about 1/4 of the fun things yours has. SO many of these things I hadn’t heard of ’til you mentioned them and I’m so glad you did! (hello, Panda(ology)? where have YOU been the whole time I’ve lived here….ha)
    Thanks, is what I’m trying to say. 🙂
    Was great meeting you at the park on the School’s Out picnic! 😉
    (Katelyn’s momma, CH2)

  4. OH, I forgot to mention- my husband is actually AT Lowes RIGHT. NOW. getting the mister thingys to make that KidWash thing!!!! Too fun!!!!!!

  5. @Zigged: I would love to hang out at 100 Acres with you! It’s always more fun with friends. As usual, you have good suggestions as well. Will keep an eye out for the Menards ad.

  6. Duly noted. Thankfully I try to keep bug spray and sunscreen in the car at all times. Hopefully we’ll see you around this summer!

  7. It was so nice to finally put a face with a name! Thanks for the kinds words. I’d love to know how your bike wash turns out!