All That NPR for Nothing

Mike and I do our best to teach our kids to be tolerant and open-minded.  You can how imagine how mortified we were to hear Eli sharing his view on the subject of sexual orientation.

I don't know about you, but it's kind of hard to take his advice not to be gay seriously when he's sporting the off-the-shoulder look and talking about being turned on at the end.

Or maybe one shouldn't take advice from a two-year-old in general.  Eventually we'll get around to telling him the lyrics are really "Don't be afraid."  For now we'll just snicker like a couple of junior high kids and put it on YouTube.

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  1. oh, my. That kid is in for serious, serious blackmail ops.

  2. He’s got some style, anyway!
    And I just noticed your reading list over there. I love that Anne Lamott book, and I am intrigued by the bread selection…

  3. I adore Anne Lamott! Im a novice bread baker, and the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day concept is working very well for me. I checked it out from the library first, then got my very own copy.